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Sales and Service targets:

  • Achievement of monthly/annual targets as set by manager.
  • Processes all the necessary sales transactions online
  • Ensure documentation is completed for the outstanding delivery notes within 10 days (agreed time limits) .
  • Ensure all quotations are submitted within in time parameters as agreed in the department.

Inventory and Stock support:

  • Assists the Parts Manager in the ordering of both daily and special orders and is responsible for all backorders generated and to keep the customer informed as to their expected time of arrival
  • Assists the Parts Storeman in preparing pre-picked orders for the Service Department
  • Contributes to the inventory process during the perpetual / annual stock check
  • Ensures that all parts orders are expedited timeously. Ensure back orders are followed up on daily basis.
  • Ensures that all special orders are submitted to the workshop correctly and that on receipt are collected by the customer (workshop or trade) within seven days
  • Assists in Perpetual Annual Stock reconciliation (As applicable)

Operations and HSE

  • Monitors Reserved Parts and Reloads tickets as applicable.
  • Work and maintain all operations within the ISO 9002 and HSE standards set by the company
  •  Achieve CSI rating based on the CS survey data.

Team work/Employee Morale:

  • Ensures that excellent internal working relations with colleagues, peers across company, providing assistance and support when required.
  • Ensures motivating the team by providing the development opportunities and the facilities.

Innovation and Value Addition:

  • Work towards business improvement while continuously looking for ways to improve business best practice performance of the department and communicating ideas for review.

Job Reference: DAPSEEXP02 Closing Date: 2016-07-31

Key Competenece:

Core Competencies ZAG

Integrity and Honesty: Integrity and Honesty forms the basis of the value system of ZAG, and thus all employees are required to behave in an honest, open and ethical manner at all times. The employee actions at all times through communication, sales, service and any decision making should reflect trustworthiness for the organization.

Accountability: Accountability is another core value of ZAG Value system. And all employees should feel, believe and act with full responsibility for self and contribution as a team member thereby displaying a strong commitment to organizational success and inspire others to commit to goals. Employees need to   demonstrate sense of commitment to delivering on his/her duty and presenting oneself as a credible representative of the organization.

Customer Service Focus:ZAG upholds the customer in its value system. Thusa passion for discovering, meeting and exceeding customer needs, showing willingness and ability to give priority to customers, delivering high quality services which meet their needs should be always important to all ZAG employees.   

Here, the ‘customer’ refers both to internal customers (i.e. other Company Departments) and external customers (i.e. target groups in many countries around the world).


Role Related Competencies

Interpersonal Skills: Treats others with courtesy, sensitivity, and respect. Considers and responds appropriately to the needs and feelings of different people in different situations.  The skill needs to exhibit understanding of the extent to which oneneeds to gets along and interact positively with co-workers. In a nutshell, it implies the degree and style of understanding and relating to others.   

Professionalism: Respects other people’s time and efforts and responds/acknowledges work done by others and responding to them on time. Exhibits faithfulness in completing one’s duties diligently. Attempts to streamline work based on priority of the organization sizing the importance of delivery/ completion of task at hand.                 .

Result Orientation: Exhibits sustained energy and determination in the face of obstacles to set and meet challenging targets, in compliance with quality, time and diverse standards and delivering the desired business results. Achievement orientation also involves effectively managing internal and external resources to achieve the organizational goals.

Learning Orientation: Assesses and recognizes own strengths and weaknesses; pursues self-development. Actively identifies new areas for learning; regularly creating and taking advantage of learning opportunities; using newly gained knowledge and skill on the job and learning through their application.

Building & Maintaining Effective Relationships: Exhibits the ability to develop contacts and relationships both internal and external to the organization, to facilitate work efforts or to gain support/cooperation. Exhibits the ability building long term or ongoing relationships with clients or stakeholders.

Communication Skills: Consistently delivers accurate, clear, and concise messages orally and/or in writing to effectively inform an audience. Responds quickly to the needs of an audience and to their reactions and feedback. Actively listens to co-workers and customers to put him/herself in other people’s shoes to gain a better understanding of what they are saying.

Flexibility & Adaptability: Exhibits the ability to adapt to and work with a variety of situations, individuals and groups. Is able to adapt to a situation and not being disconcerted or stopped by the unexpected.  

Impact and Influence: Successfully persuades and influences others. Exhibits the ability to establish and maintain relationships with people at all levels. Impact and influence implies an intention to persuade, convince, influence or impress others (individuals or groups) in order to get them to go along with or to support the organization’s direction.

Attention to Detail: Exhibits thoroughness in accomplishing a task through concern for all areas involved, no matter how small or big.Having an underlying drive to being thorough and meticulous and to comply with procedures, rules, guidelines, and standards. Digs deeper and strives to reduce uncertainties and errors.

Analytical Skills: Is able to perform disciplined analysis to data and situations, to see cause and effect and to use this to make effective decisions. This is important in enabling us to prioritize and take important decisions based on an assessment of the impact and implications of the likely outcomes.


Key Experience:
  • Minimum 1-2 years of front desk/customer care experience within the automotive industry

Knowledge & Skills

  • Sound technical knowledge of parts
  • Written and verbal communication in English Mandatory / Arabic Desirable

Proficient in MS Office and Dealer Management Systems (DMS)

Key Education:
  • High School Certificate (12 years of school education)