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Unit Sales Targets:

  • Meets and greets prospects/customers and attends to their enquiries in the showroom.
  • Exercises sales negotiations as per price release and will approach the Sales Manager for the applicable discount amount.
  • To achieve sales set sales targets as per agreed guidelines.

Add on Sales:

  • Will bring in add on sales with regards to Financing, Insurance, Llumar, Extended warranty, Svc Contracts etc.

Prospecting Activities:

  • Promotes company potential to existing client and/or new clients to prospect new business.

Dealer Management System:

  • To ensure updated information on the Autoline system with regards to all customer information/activity in an agreed standard, accurate and timely manner.
  • Upon deal finalization with customer the Sales Executive should produce a dealer management system quotation. It shall be reviewed as per customer appraisal form and shall be approved by the Sales Manager or above depending on deal parameters.
  • Each dealer management system vehicle order form should be signed by an authorized dealer signatory before being pushed for PDI request on the dealer management system

Sales Process (ISO):

  • To perform sales in a standard process as identified in the ISO manual or as communicated by the management in all instances.
  • Work and maintain all operations within the ISO 9002 and HSE standards set by the company
  • On receipt of an enquiry, the Sales Executive shall review it for the following parameters using a Customer Appraisal Form (Model, Availability, Specification, Test Drive and Price).
  • Once Vehicle Order is confirmed on the dealer management system and signed by Sales Manager, the customer will be introducedto the Business Centre by the Sales Executive along with the deal file(DAC only)

    Customer Satisfaction:

  • Follows up customer viathe phone/emailand record details of progress both on the dealer management system and customer appraisal form.
  • Records customer details on the customer appraisal form and update dealer management system accordingly for generation of the individual’s CSI reports for discussion with the Supervisor.
  • Internal Relations:

  • To ensure excellent working relations with colleagues, peers across the company, providing assistance and support when needed.
  • Housekeeping:

    To be presentable to the client at all times by maintaining a neat and organized workstation & overall area of work through disciplined work behavior and professional approach.

Job Reference: DASE01 Closing Date: 2016-07-31

Key Competenece:

Integrity and Honesty: Integrity and Honesty forms the basis of the value system of ZAG, and thus all employees are required to behave in an honest, open and ethical manner at all times. The employee actions at all times through communication, sales, service and any decision making should reflect trustworthiness for the organization.

Accountability: Accountability is another core value of ZAG Value system. And all employees should feel, believe and act with full responsibility for self and contribution as a team member thereby displaying a strong commitment to organizational success and inspire others to commit to goals. Employees need to   demonstrate sense of commitment to delivering on his/her duty and presenting oneself as a credible representative of the organization.

Customer Service Focus:ZAG upholds the customer in its value system. Thusa passion for discovering, meeting and exceeding customer needs, showing willingness and ability to give priority to customers, delivering high quality services which meet their needs should be always important to all ZAG employees.   

Here, the ‘customer’ refers both to internal customers (i.e. other Company Departments) and external customers (i.e. target groups in many countries around the world).


Key Experience:
  • 1 to 2 year of experience within the automotive industry.

Technical and Behavioural & Skills

  • Strong Knowledge of market
  • Basic understanding of the sales process and techniques
  • Planning and organizing skills
  • Attention to detail and accuracy
  • Negotiation skills
  • Relationship management skills
  • Written and verbal communication in English Mandatory / Arabic Desirable

Proficient in MS Office and Dealer Management Systems (DMS)

Key Education:
  • High School Certificate or 12 years of school education.