Zubair Automotive Group partners with Clean Up Oman for Nationwide Cleanup

 Zubair Automotive Group partners with Clean Up Oman for Nationwide Cleanup
Over 300 employees from various dealerships within the Zubair Automotive Group (ZAG) volunteered last weekend to lend their support to the Nationwide Clean Up campaign organized by Clean Up Oman. The environmental awareness initiative, which was sponsored by ZAG Zubair Automotive Group, took place at over 40 wilayats across the Sultanate over a course of two days – March 28-29. A large number of volunteers from the local community also came together to do their part and raise awareness on the need to eliminate litter and preserve the local environment and wildlife. 
As part of its sponsorship, over 300 members of ZAG staff and their families, including those from Zubair Enterprises Dhakliya and ZEN,  and Zubair Enterprises Northern joined in  the campaign. Leading by example, several members of ZAG management team also participated in the campaign including, Serdar Toktamis, Group General Manager of Zubair Automotive Group; Mark Tomlinson, General Manager of General Automotive Company; Arun Kumar General Manager of Sayarti Group; Chris Edwards, General Manager of Dhofar Automotive; and  K Balaji, Zubair Automotive Group Advisor. Water, ice-cream and refreshments were provided at various locations and over 5,000 t-shirts distributed among the volunteers. At Boushar dunes, Zubair Automotive Group also provided vehicles from Can-Am to aid in the distribution of water and to transport garbage bags to the designated drop off points.
Commenting on the cleanup campaign and the need to prevent littering, Serdar Toktamis Group Manager of Zubair Automotive Group said, “As a proud Omani company it is part of our wider community responsibility to contribute towards the preservation of our environment. I would like to commend the efforts put in by every single volunteer and hope that the awareness generated by this campaign will take us a step closer towards completely eliminating the habit of littering.”
With its 1,700km coastline, beautiful Mountain Ranges and vast desert, Oman offers some of the most stunning landscapes in the region. However, with increasing visitors to the area these regions have become spots for litter and debris which can be harmful and even fatal to wildlife. By supporting the cleanup campaign, Zubair Automotive Group aims to educate and raise public awareness of the need to protect the Sultanate’s many and varied habitats and the wildlife that depends on them.
“Oman is a stunningly beautiful place and initiatives such as these form a crucial part of maintaining that beauty. Such campaigns are not just physical exercises, they also hold a symbolic value with an aim to spread awareness among local residents on the impact their everyday lives have on the environment and the value of keeping it clean,” he added.
Clean Up Oman is a non-profit organization that organizes several clean-up and awareness campaigns across Oman. This includes the annual country-wide campaign on the last Friday of March every year.
To learn more about the campaign and any future events please visit www.cleanuupoman.org  or their face book page omancleanup.