Annual Mitsubishi Fuso Commercial Vehicle Road Show Kicks Off

Annual Mitsubishi Fuso Commercial Vehicle Road Show Kicks Off

Mitsubishi Fuso Trucks and Bus Corporation (MFTBC), part of the Zubair Automotive Group, has commenced the first round of its highly popular customer focused Road Show across Oman for its range of commercial vehicles and buses.

The Road Show has already visited Bu Ali where MFTBC showcased the very latest in medium and heavy duty trucks to an eager audience of customers and prospects who have commercial requirements for well engineered and reliable vehicles to transport their goods throughout the Sultanate and beyond borders.

The Road Show now moves on to the Fish Market in Sur on 1st March, and will be followed by several strategic locations in Dakhliya and Sharquia regions. “We will be displaying a comprehensive range of Mitsubishi Fuso products including the very latest medium and heavy duty trucks to customers and prospects who trust and depend on reliable, rugged and hard working vehicles to transport their goods. We have chosen a series of nine strategic locations in the Sultanate where we have experienced the highest demand for our vehicles,” said Jamal Wasti, National Sales Manager for MFTBC.

MFTBC believes in keeping in touch with customers as closely as possible with annual road shows and this innovative idea over the years has supported the brand to build up a loyal customer base. It also serves as a strong platform for introducing new light, medium and heavy duty trucks and buses to the market.

Mr. Wasti  added: "Mitsubishi Fuso Truck and Bus Corporation is one of Asia's largest commercial vehicle manufacturers and the brand has been present in Oman for over 36 years. The MFTBC annual road show has become a very popular calendar event and it has also proved to be the best way to reach out to our customers in various locations in the Sultanate.

“We have been holding such annual events in various locations that helps customers in maintaining regular dialogue with the company, sharing of information, delivering expert product guidance and allowing them to understand the benefits of owning a FUSO branded commercial vehicle."

The three key products on display at the road shows include the Canter line-up which is available in 3.8- and 4.8-tonne chassis payload, a light commercial vehicle used to transport general cargo such as frozen goods, bulk liquids such as water and fuel, complete with a special application to allow the mounting of a crane or man lift designed to help with the loading and unloading of heavy cargo.

The powertrains in the Canter range are designed to impress with their performance - with higher torque while maintaining fuel consumption besides many efficient technologies such as exhaust brake that slows the vehicle by restricting the engines emissions, significantly improving the life of brake discs and pads.

The medium duty truck range is represented by the Fuso FK and FM series which are available in 7-tonne chassis payload up to a 10-tonne payload also used for the general transportation of general cargo. Finally, the Fuso FP an and FV a heavy duty truck used for general cargo but also boasts special applications to allow the mounting of cranes, rigs, tankers, a skip loader and garbage compactor.

“Fuso trucks are built to be tough and are tested throughout the world, whether on icy rocky terrain or in hot dusty conditions. Tests are conducted with full loads too, ensuring maximum reliability. With extensive testing and a build strength designed to be used anywhere, Fuso trucks are always ready to take on the toughest challenges that your business can present to it,” concluded Mr. Wasti.

For further information about FUSO products please contact Team Fuso on 24 500 000