Audi Oman Celebrates Muscat Festival with Graffiti Art Competition

Audi Oman Celebrates Muscat Festival with Graffiti Art Competition

Audi Oman is celebrating its sponsorship of the Muscat Festival by hosting an exciting Graffiti Art competition at its display area at Qurum Natural Park every weekend during the hugely popular four week event.

Every Thursday evening starting January 26th budding young artists will be encouraged to paint live using Audi as their inspiration to create innovative new works of art following a brief and concepts provided by Audi in Arabic and English.. The innovative celebration of artistic exuberance and creativity is a natural extension of Audi’s long standing international commitment to supporting innovative art and creativity all around the world.

Graffiti artists will be able to demonstrate their creativity at the Audi festival art centre close to the Heritage Village site in Qurum Natural Park – the most visited and popular location during the month long festival. Young artists will be given the opportunity to work on a large billboard, barrels and other objects to create a colourful celebration of Audi and bring them closer to this premium automotive brand.

The company is engaging a small Jury who wiill judge what they consider to be the best and most innovative piece of art. The winners will be provided with prizes that will include two weeks training in one of the largest creative companies in Oman and Audi branded gifts.

The company will have the Audi A1, its entry level model, on display throughout the festival. To add to the festival atmosphere Audi Oman will have a live band performing everyThursday evening during the festival.

Explaining the exciting competition, Abdel Karim Awwad, National Marketing & Sales Manager at Audi Oman, commented: “We wanted to use our sponsorship of the Muscat Festival to actively engage with the public and encourage creativity and innovation especially among young people. To register to take part in the art challenge individuals should visit our showroom in Wattayah or contact us directly on 245 84510.

“We have a team from Audi Oman on site during the festival to engage with the public and introduce visitors to Audi‘s range of models that suit all ages.“

“During the festival we will also be having a special limited promotional offer for the Audi A4 and A5 models that any festival visitor can benefit from or by visiting their local showroom to get further details or arrange a test drive.”

The Muscat Festival is the biggest and most popular cultural event that is held in Oman and this is the second consecutive year that Audi Oman has supported the event that features events across the city that this year will run from 26th January to 23rd February.

Worldwide Audi has been a long standing supporter of artistic and cultural events and brackets together its activities in this field under the label "Audi Art Experience". Audi regards the promotion of the arts as an important element of the social responsibility that it consciously acknowledges as a major global employer and manufacturer of premium automobiles.

For further information about Audi in the Sultanate or to book a test drive please call 245 84510, log on to or visit any Wattayah Motors showroom where our fully qualified sales consultants will be able to assist you.