Audi Oman Muscat Festival Graffiti Art Competition Receives Hugely Positive Response

Audi Oman Muscat Festival Graffiti Art Competition Receives Hugely Positive Response

Audi Oman has enjoyed an excellent response from budding young Omani artists who are eagerly participating  in the company’s  exciting Graffiti Art competition at Qurum Natural Park during the Muscat Festival.

Every Thursday evening budding young artists have been   using Audi as their inspiration to create innovative new works of art following a brief and concepts provided in Arabic and English.

Artists of all ages and backgrounds have enthusiastically participated in the competition with many congratulating Audi for their initiative to encourage fresh creative talent in Oman.

School student Ohood Khalid Al Adawi, 14, said:“I want to thank Audi for giving me the chance to participate in such an unique event that gave me great confidence and was delighted with the positive feedback I received from the people who watched me paint.  I am a big fan of Audi which for represents a mix of luxury and high performance and I would love to own one when I am older.“

For 18-year-old Interior Design student Hiba Al Balushi it was an extension of one of her hobbies which is doing graffiti art.  She was encouraged by friends and family to participate in the competition and thoroughly enjoyed her participation.

IT teacher Khalid Hilal Al Miqbali, 30, said he was delighted to have a chance to practice his artistic skills – especially as his father owns a calligraphy workshop. He said:“I wanted to use my piece of graffiti art to try and combine the high performance of Audi cars with an environmental background reflecting the company’s commitment to lower emissions.“

He added that the competition gave him the opportunity to meet other artists, learn how to use materials properly and has a longer-term ambition to open his own specialised shop for graffiti art.

Audi Oman has  engaged  a small Jury who will judge what they consider to be the best and most innovative pieces of art. The winners will be provided with prizes that will include two weeks training in one of the largest creative companies in Oman and Audi branded gifts.

Abdel Karim Awwad, National Marketing & Sales Manager at Audi Oman, said: “We have been tremendously encouraged by the response to our initiative and the numbers who have visited our stand to participate and to view the Audi A1 cars we have had displayed throughout the Muscat Festival. Any final artists wanting to to take part in should visit our showroom in Wattayah or contact us directly on 245 84510 before the festival ends on 23rd February.“