Audi Oman's Strategic Partnership with OER

Audi Oman's Strategic Partnership with OER

Company committed to supporting economic growth and prosperity in Oman

Audi Oman says it is delighted that its strategic partnership with the OER Debate has helped to stimulate wide ranging and vigorous discussion between the private sector and Government on the future of Oman.

Oman Debate 2011, organised by Oman Economic Review, brought together leading figures from the private sector and high ranking members of the Government, who offered their perspectives and debated the impact of significant social issues on the economy of Oman. The event’s moderator was BBC television journalist Tim Sebastian, best known as the host of the BBC HardTalk programme and the Doha Debates.Among the keynote panelists for the debate was Hani Al Zubair, the Executive Chairman of the Zubair Automotive Group.

During his remarks Zubair outlined that young Omanis were vital for the future prosperity of Oman and is vital for the Government and society to commit to a stronger dialogue with young people to build partnerships for growth and to create more effective and relevant business focused training programmes.

He said: “We need to better understand the aspirations of young people in Oman, listen to them more and look at establishing forums where young people can contribute and debate face to face with business leaders and Government representatives.“In the past we have taken too much for granted in thinking we know what young people really want instead of really listening to what is without doubt the most important element of our society – our young people.”

“By creating new forums and working together we will then have a real opportunity to come up with plans that can work for our youth and provide real hope and encouragement for their future.”

During the debate Mr. Al Zubair also highlighted that the private sector needed to continue to play its role in doing more to employ local Omanis, but at the same time managing and controlling the expectations of young Omanis entering the job market for the first time.

“The Zubair Automotive Group is committed to playing its part in employing more Omanis, but the challenge that we and many other businesses face is finding the right people for the right job – and that can only come through continuing to work together and ensure that our young people have the skills, the desire and realistic aspirations of the type of jobs that now exist in Oman,” he added.

As a leading automotive company in the Sultanate, Audi Oman’s strategic partnership with the OER Debate was part of its ongoing commitment to support events that will benefit the long-term economic wellbeing of the Sultanate.

Abdel Karim Awwad, National Marketing & Sales Manager at Audi Oman, added: “As a business we are very aware of our role in helping encourage broader economic growth and prosperity in Oman and are also very proud of our commitment to recruit and develop young Omani talent. That is why we were delighted to have the opportunity to become a strategic partner for the OER Debate this year.”

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