Dhofar Automotive supports Al Batinah Dodge Team

Dhofar Automotive supports Al Batinah Dodge Team

Dodge has a fiercely loyal community of drivers. From auto shows to drag strips, you can find Dodge drivers immersed in the Dodge lifestyle. But how does one keep this same level of enthusiasm alive? Simple - by creating an interactive Whatsapp group, such as the Al Batinah Dodge Team, created by Hisham Al Ansari, a resident of the Batinah region that brings like-minded Dodge Charger and Challenger drivers in the region together.

The Al Batinah Dodge Team is a large and diverse one. From old-school gear heads to 30-year-old soccer dads, the Team is comprised of a full spectrum of 80 drivers. However, they all share one common thread – “Never neutral, born Dodge”.

Dhofar Automotive has recently organized a successful event in Sohar together with The Al Batinah Dodge Team, keeping its members coming back to learn about the latest events, news and stories related to Dodge. By teaming up with the Al Batinah Dodge Team, we are empowering new drivers with education and experience that will last a lifetime.

 “We are excited that our events have been well-received in Sohar and that we are able to discuss the latest happenings from the Dodge stable - be it newer models, customizations or modifications with fellow Dodge enthusiasts courtesy the forum,” said Hisham Al Ansari, who drives a white Dodge Charger 2014.

He elaborated, “The Dodge brand is all about experiencing that visceral feeling that makes one fall in love with driving, and that includes making sure that drivers feel comfortable in all driving situations.  Mohammed Al Badi a member of our team delivered a presentation on ‘safe driving’ at our event ently, and it was extremely well-received. However, that’s not all, our Whatsapp forum and events give Dodge Charger and Challenger drivers the opportunity to discuss topics ranging from new models, parts, service, driving skills, safety, and customization; helping them fall in love with their cars all over again in the process.”

“We are proud of and thankful for customers such as Hisham who has helped create a unique user experience with the Al Batinah Dodge Team”, said Biju Luckose, marketing manager from Dhofar Automotive, dealers of the Dodge range of vehicles in Oman. “Keeping the Dodge driver in mind, the group’s main focus is to bring like-minded Dodge enthusiasts in the region together and keep them fully engaged and immersed in the brand. Dhofar Automotive is proud to support such groups.”

For more information or to be added to the Al Batinah Dodge team’s Whatsapp group contact Hisham on – 95522024. For information on Dodge’s exquisite range of vehicles, call 2458 4530 or visit the Dhofar Automotive showroom from Saturday to Thursday between 8am and 1 pm or 4pm and 8pm.