European Motors to offers 5 years or 1 million kilometers warranty on Peugeot this Ramadan

European Motors to offers 5 years or 1 million kilometers warranty on Peugeot this Ramadan

- Peugeot Oman announces attractive offers this Ramadan
- 5 years or 60,000kms, free service and maintenance on all cars

European Motors, the exclusive distributor for Peugeot in Oman, is celebrating the most festive season in Oman, ‘Ramadan’, by offering customers exciting deals on all cars purchased during the promotional period, from July 21 to September 21.

“Ramadan is a very special period that is both religious as well as celebrative. It is a time of giving. As such we would like to offer our customers a purchase that offers true ‘peace of mind’ for the duration that they will own the car,” said Bob Seshadri, General Manager of European Motors.

All customers who purchase a Peugeot during the promotional period will benefit from a 5 Years/ 1,000,000km warranty and 5 Years / 60,000 km free service and maintenance with absolutely no hidden charges involved.

Peugeot vehicles are advanced in technology and superior in style and are the perfect cars for anyone on the lookout for style, reliability, good after sales service and also great value for money. To emphasise the latter, Peugeot Oman is offering customers very attractive starting prices on all models during the promotional period.

Mr. Seshadri says, “It is the general perception of the public that owning a Peugeot would cost too much money to maintain and offer sub-par resale values. This couldn’t be further from the truth and our 5-year warranty and service package reinforces this fact. We are also offering guaranteed trade-in-values to address any concerns about resale.”

To find out more about the new Ramadan promotion or to test drive one of the wide array of cars offered by Peugeot you can call 24500700 or visit the conveniently located Athaiba showroom where the European Motors sales team will be on hand to offer any advice or assistance required.