FUSO Announces Arrival of 2012 Model Of Its Hugely Popular Canter Truck In The Sultanate

FUSO Announces Arrival of 2012 Model Of Its Hugely Popular Canter Truck In The Sultanate

Most Reliable Truck in Its Class in Oman and Offering Unique 4 x 4 Model Capabilities

 Fuso in Oman has announced the arrival of the 2012 model of the company’s hugely popular and versatile Canter truck that is available in either a 3.5-tonne or 4.6-tonne configuration and can be adapted to specific customer need.

The 2012 Canter is set to reinforce the model’s reputation as the most reliable truck of its kind available in this size with a rapidly growing customer base in the Sultanate with companies like PDO and Oasis Water recognising the versatility and quality the vehicle can bring to their operations.

Distributed exclusively in Oman by the General Automotive Company, part of the Zubair Automotive Group, the 2012 edition of the Canter, both the 3. 5 and 4.6 tonne variants, will be available in either a double cab, single cab or chassis version.

The light duty truck can be used for a wide range of uses and its 4 x 4 capabilities ensure the truck can operate in the most challenging conditions for its customers all over the Sultanate.

Commenting on the introduction of the 2012 model, National Sales Manager Jamal Wasti said: “The new 2012 canter offers the owner a superb mix of onsite capability mixed with on street agility, provided by an engine that is suitable for all the individual’s needs and requirements.

“Their proven performances comes hand in hand with durability, fuel efficiency, reliability and clean emissions for the environment.  The 2012 model comes with a bigger tyre size, wider cab vehicle, durable chassis for heavy loads, suitable turning radius for city operations and a first in dash gear shift in a cab over truck.”

He added that the 2012 Fuso Canter was the perfect vehicle to help companies and organisations of all size in Oman to drive their business operations forward in the coming year.

The Fuso Canter is the only truck of its kind that is currently used to transport drinking water bottles to customers all over the Sultanate with Oasis Water managing a fleet of Canter trucks to ensure they are able to meet the delivery requirements of their customers.

The light duty truck can be used for standard deliveries by retail companies and also adapted to a freezer unit for transporting frozen food to supermarkets.

Jamal Wasti added: “The Canter also holds its value and has a very high resale value and for the customer represents a highly dependable, quality and excellent value for money vehicle for all of their commercial needs – especially with its superb versatility that is ideal for the broadest range of customer use in any part of the Sultanate.”

The Fuso Canter truck and brand is part of the Mitsubishi Fuso Truck and Bus Company that is represented by GAC in Oman.

For further information on the FUSO Canter and to arrange for a test drive in the new 2012 model please contact FUSO in Oman on 245 00000.