FUSO Launches 2012 Model of Rosa Bus In Oman

FUSO Launches 2012 Model of Rosa Bus In Oman

Available in 26, 30 and 34-seater Versions Offering Reliable Performance and Exceptional Comfort

The new 2012 version of the highly popular and highly regarded Rosa bus has been introduced to the Omani market by FUSO ensuring organisations from the private and public sector can benefit from one of the world’s most popular mid size buses.

Its powerful engine, reliable performance and exceptional comfort have in recent years made the Rosa bus from FUSO one of the most popular and well liked buses of its kind. It is available in three body sizes – with the 30 and 34-seater versions especially popular in addition to the option to purchase the smaller 26-seater edition.

The Rosa bus is used by very wide range of customers who include schools, companies needing corporate transport, to transport workers and staff around sites and for organisations wishing to use the bus for Hajj pilgrimages.

Commenting on the new 2012 model, Mark Tomlinson, General Manger of Mitsubishi of FUSO in Oman said: “When you are responsible for the safety of others you need to choose the best when it comes to performance, safety and comfort and the new edition of the hugely popular Rosa bus provides all of that and more.

“Already a market leader in some parts of the world the Rosa’s popularity in Oman has grown steadily in recent years and we are confident that the arrival of the 2012 edition of the bus will only help to increase that popularity and demand among a very wide customer base here across the Sultanate.”

The 2012 Rosa bus has a stylish and aerodynamic exterior that contributes to vehicle stability and a reduction in fuel consumption helped by the smooth handling and excellent ride.

It features a low wide passenger door positioned forward for ease of entry and exit to the bus, a bright spacious and roomy passenger cabin with a proven suspension that ensures a smooth and comfortable ride for passengers.

Mark added: “The Rosa bus has a proven track record of delivering the best service to both fleet and individual customers in Oman who are looking for value for money, reliability and a bus that can ensure the safety and comfort of any kind of passenger – from a schoolchild to corporate passengers.”

The Rosa range of buses from FUSO are distributed exclusively in Oman by the General Automotive Company, part of the Zubair Automotive Group and the FUSO brand of vehicles is part of the Mitsubishi Fuso Truck and Bus Company (MFTBC)

For further information on the FUSO Canter and to arrange for a test drive in the new 2012 model please contact FUSO in Oman on 245 00000.