FUSO Mobile Service Unit for Dhofar

FUSO Mobile Service Unit for Dhofar

New FUSO Mobile Service Unit Introduced To Serve Customers in the Dhofar Region

Unit Will Go Direct To the Customer – Providing Convenience and Time Saving

Muscat, 5 June 2011: FUSO, a leading supplier of commercial vehicles for business and industry and represented by General Automotive LLC in Oman, has unveiled a new mobile unit that will travel around the South of Oman providing on-site services to FUSO customers operating in remote and non-urban environments.

The new “direct to the customer” service will be particularly useful for PDO operators who are one of the main FUSO customers in the southern part of the country. The objective behind the new initiative is to provide a service that is convenient which will offer significant time savings for FUSO operators.

The new onsite Mobile Service Unit operated by a specialised technical team ensures service work and maintenance can be conveniently done at the operator’s location – ensuring they lose as little time as possible by not having to move their vehicle to the nearest FUSO service centre.

Fleet Operators working in these areas are therefore able to ensure they maximise the use of their range of FUSO commercial vehicles and can benefit from personalized and individual service and other technical support in the most efficient manner.

Commenting on this, K. Anantharaman, FUSO Service Manager said: “Continuous improvement in the services we offer to our customers is the key to the success of the Zubair Automotive Group. This all new FUSO Mobile Service Unit will take us closer to our customers who face the tough climates in this area and give them a convenient and efficient relief services for their fleet.

“Our specialised mobile team members, Mohd Iqbal, Adil Mafoudh, Kaiser Ali and Mumtaz, will serve the customers perfectly as they are fully equipped with the necessary tools and technical equipment to carry out routine service maintenance and minor repairs.

“The decision to create the new Mobile Unit comes from a clear understanding that we have for the highly specialised needs and requirements of our customers here in the south of Oman. Most of the FUSO operators simply cannot afford the luxury of the time involved to take their vehicles to and from the Service Centres – which is why we have created this special unit to specifically cater to them.”

The FUSO range of commercial vehicles are exclusively distributed in Oman by the General Automotive Company, a part of the Zubair Automotive Group, and are among the most popular and widely recommended commercial brand of vehicles for business and industry in the Sultanate.