First Certified Sales Manager at Audi Oman

First Certified Sales Manager at Audi Oman

Clive Dias announced as Oman’s first Certified Sales Manager by Audi Management Academy

Audi Oman, represented by Wattayah Motors, announces Clive Dias, Sales and Marketing Manager for Audi, as the first Certified Sales Manager by the Audi Management Academy in Oman.

This certification is awarded following the first year of a two-year training by Audi Middle East’s Audi Management Academy, which provides structured development programs across levels with modules such as Psychology of Leadership, Trend Analysis, Strategic Planning and Resource Management. The selection of candidates for training is based on an assessment done by Audi Middle East during the recruitment process. In addition to guidance, participants also exchange best practice examples on a regional as well as international level.

Discussing the achievement, Abdel Karim Awwad, National Sales and Marketing Manager of Audi Oman, said, “We congratulate Clive on being Audi Oman’s first ever Certified Sales Manager and are certain that he will bring best practices to the Oman market. The difference that the Academy program has made is already felt throughout the dealership - mainly with regard to strategic planning of the business and increased customer focus.”

On being awarded the certification, Clive Dias, now Audi Certified Sales and Marketing Manager, said, “The training was a brilliant opportunity to learn about the Audi performance management techniques applied worldwide. The structured program will positively impact not only on staff but ultimately business performance. I am very lucky to have been chosen and am pleased to be Oman’s first Audi Certified Sales Manager.”

To ensure effective implementation, the program starts off with a detailed audit of existing processes and management skills at the dealership and includes comprehensive follow ups, performance reviews as well as one-on-one coaching.

The Audi Management Academy equips Audi employees to deliver the ‘Audi experience’. Specifically designed to work with dealership management in the region it ensures that expectations of customers and stakeholders in the Middle East region are well met.