Great response to Zubair Automotive Groups innovative stand at Traffic Safety Expo 2013

Great response to Zubair Automotive Groups innovative stand at Traffic Safety Expo 2013
The Zubair Automotive Group recently participated in the Traffic Safety Expo 2013, which was held at the Oman International Exhibition Centre. Organised by OmanExpo, the 4-day event was an exceptional success and together with companies like the Zubair Automotive Group, effectively demonstrated to the visiting schools and members of the general public, various safety concepts and initiatives aimed at reducing traffic accidents.
With a focus on the importance of obeying traffic signals, the Zubair Automotive Group set a stall at the exhibition grounds, with its entrance as a replica of traffic-lights, to simulate the expected behaviour in traffic-lights-operated areas. Green light is to indicate allowed passage, amber light means caution and red light means stop. An alarm similar to the sound of a police siren went off whenever anyone crossed through the red light. Also installed by the Zubair Automotive Group was a central entertainment area for kids, where children were invited to play and have fun in a traffic-signal themed version of musical chairs. In addition, gifts were distributed to all children.
Highlighting the Zubair Automotive Group’s participation in the event, Serdar Toktamis, the Zubair Automotive Group General Manager said, “Our stand was extremely popular with visitors and especially children. In fact, we received visits from at least 15 to 20 schools each day with students from varying grades. It was truly impressive to see just how eager and willing these children were to learn more about traffic safety.”
Aside from children’s entertainment area, the traffic lights corner also included topics like proper driving behaviour around traffic lights, speeding and speed limits, pedestrians and cyclists, faulty traffic lights and crossing priority, tailgating and safety distance, zebra crossing rules, use of indicators and hazard lights, U-turns and reversing, honking and distractions. Its innovative design, engaging activities and an entertaining approach towards promoting road safety received a great response from the Royal Oman Police (ROP), members of the media, members of the general public and even other expo participants. 
“Being one of the key distributors in Oman’s automobile market, the Group has always given priority attention to road safety and related issues. Thus, our continued participation in the Traffic Safety Expo 2013 is of the utmost importance. Through these initiatives, we hope to lead by example and inspire other companies to actively promote road safety - both within their companies and in the community, as well as join hands with different authorities such as the Royal Oman Police and other public and private sector entities to make Oman’s Roads safer,” added Serdar Toktamis
The event concluded with an award presentation to each of the participants at Traffic Safety Expo 2013, including the Zubair Automotive Group, by the ROP.