Jeep Finds Treasure To Raise Funds For Dar Al Attaa

Jeep Finds Treasure To Raise Funds For Dar Al Attaa

Dhofar Automotive and its Jeep brand proudly partnered with Dar Al Atta’a - the charity organization, for a fund raising Treasure Hunt challenge, across the city of Muscat.

The event raised RO20,000 which will go towards the Dar Al Atta’a Empowerment Program, working to provide opportunities for youth from under-privileged families, to secure jobs, undergo training, as well as building of libraries and educational centers.

Commenting on the success of the Treasure Hunt activity, Piroshah Nowroji, Marketing Manager of Dhofar Automotive said, "Actively supporting initiatives in our community by assisting charitable organizations and other social causes is central to our values at Dhofar Automotive. The Treasure Hunt was a perfect fit with the ‘Go Anywhere, Do Anything' - Jeep philosophy and since all participating teams drove our vehicles, we were able to add value , power and adventure to this valiant fund raising effort. Dhofar Automotive is committed to supporting the initiatives of charity organizations and increasing awareness for good causes that are innovative and aid social betterment." He added that the Jeeps were the vehicle of choice for the event and this included Wranglers, Cherokees and a Grand Cherokee as reliable 4x4 vehicles were required to drive on and off-road.

Thirteen teams, representing 12 companies, drove their fully equipped Jeeps across Muscat to face a variety of physical and mental challenges, using maps and clues along the way to find special 'Treasure' locations in Muscat. Known for their off-road performance and rugged reliability, the Jeep variants were the ideal vehicles to for the treasure hunt.

The event commenced and concluded at the Shangri-la, Barr Al Jissah Resort and covered locations across the city from the Oman Sail Marina, Ghubra, Qurum and Ghala Industrial Area. At each location, competing teams had to perform a task within a fixed time in order to receive the clue for the next location and task.

First to complete all the challenges was the 'Enhance' team who were announced the winner. Participant teams also represented Standard Chartered, Bank Sohar, The Wave, Enhance, Renaissance Services, PWC, SNR Denton, Enhance, Oxy Oman, Shangri-La, Muscat Daily, DHL and Super International SAOC.

Commending Dhofar Automotive's support of the event and its involvement in community initiatives, Iman Al Wahaibi, Deputy Chairman of Dar Al Atta'a said, "The Treasure Hunt idea was adopted, not only to raise funds and bring people together for a good cause, but to highlight the good work of Dar Al Atta’a in a fun and engaging way. We thank the team at Dhofar Automotive; their kind contribution made the day a real success for all involved."

Sandeep T.K. from the winning team 'Enhance'noted, "It was an excellent challenge held for a noble cause, to raise funds for charity programs in the Sultanate. To complete all the challenges with the comfort and performance ability of the Jeep was the icing on the cake. It was the perfect vehicle for the event."

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