Jeep Jamboree V Organised by Dhofar Automotive

Jeep Jamboree V Organised by Dhofar Automotive

70 Jeep Wranglers join the 2 ½ day convoy across the desert
Expert driving instruction given for new Jeep owners to test their Wranglers

The latest Jeep Jamboree, now in its 5th Edition, showed a record attendance by over 200 people who joined this off road adventure across the Sharqiya desert. At the event, organized by Dhofar Automotive, the exclusive dealer for Jeep in the Sultanate, Wrangler owners from across Oman were invited to participate in the 2 ½ day challenge to cross the desert. The trip comprised of challenging off road driving and pure driving adventure across some of the world’s most demanding terrain.

Commenting on the 5th edition of the Jeep Jamboree, Chris Edwards, General Manager of Dhofar Automotive said “The growing number of ‘Go anywhere and do anything’ adventure-loving drivers in the Sultanate is the perfect reason to bring back the Jeep Jamboree year after year. It’s a challenging, yet fun, journey for everyone and provides an opportunity for new Jeep owners to become comfortable with the capabilities of their vehicles in varying terrains like soft sand and steep dunes. With expert guides on hand to provide assurance and instruction, our Jeep clients feel comfortable to test their own limits and understand what their vehicle is truly capable of.”

Day one of the event saw the participants gather at the Dhofar Automotive showroom in Athaiba for a welcome and a briefing on the itinerary that lay ahead. First stop was the Al Raha Desert Camp where everyone registered and had dinner before hitting the road, led by the experts from The Guide Oman.

After the official registration and formalities were completed, the Dhofar team technicians were available to give the first time Jeep owners safety instructions and help them check their vehicles and tires to prepare for the drive. The convoy entered the night driving phase for two hours in the desert to arrive at the first base camp, where they wound down for night.

Every driver felt challenged, yet exhilarated, during every stage of this adventurous journey. Farooq Al-Hooti, who owns a 2008 Jeep Wrangler, said “This trip made me realize the potential of my vehicle as I had to push it to the limits to cross the sand dunes. I am glad I participated in the Jeep Jamboree and I am really delighted with the performance of my Wrangler. That is why I bought it. Jeep vehicles in general, and Wranglers in particular, are fit for any off road or on road challenge,” he said. “They are strong, reliable, and very suitable for mountain and desert driving. They also look good while driving in the city.”

On day two, the day’s driving began with a thorough desert driving briefing to educate drivers on what to expect, what to do and reiteration of safety requirements while driving. The actual Jeep expedition began by continuing along the Bedouin highway and moving onto smaller dunes at the periphery of the great Sharqiya. After two hours of driving, the Wrangler owners were encouraged to test their limits and drive their vehicles across even tougher sand dunes, allowing for more adrenaline-pumping activity.

Venkat Santhanam, a long time Jeep owner said "This expedition helped me understand more about techniques for driving in the desert and I was surprised how much I actually learnt about my Jeep, as I have had it for 4 years now. The training session that was conducted before the drive was very helpful. I felt confident driving along with the other Jeep enthusiasts on this trip."

Day two’s driving culminated just before sundown, leaving the evening to all participants and crew to set up their tents and wind down around a bonfire where entertainment, games and dinner followed. The third and final day started with another desert driving briefing session. At this point the drivers had to ramp up their confidence levels and capabilities to manoeuvre across even more challenging sand dunes, some of which were up to 70m high.

All types of vehicles and skill levels were catered for on this expedition, from novices to experienced drivers with highly-modified Wranglers designed to overcome the toughest terrains.

With the guidance of experienced professionals on hand and a team of technicians from Dhofar Automotive, the journey ended on the edge of the desert. Participants, re-inflated their tires and proceeded towards home, but not before proudly receiving their certificates that commended and certified their successful crossing of the great Sharqiya desert. All participants  headed back home with a brand new set of driving skills to add to their names, thanks to the Jeep Jamboree 5.

Mubarak Al-Farouji who recently bought his first Jeep said “I chose my Wrangler specifically for adventures like these. I was looking forward to the Jeep Jamboree and am delighted to have been a part of it. When you know how much your vehicle can do, it helps you become a better driver. It is necessary to know the capability of your vehicle so you can trust it and this is what Dhofar Automotive achieves each time its runs a Jamboree.”

The Jeep Jamboree will be back by popular demand for the sixth time in the Winter season of 2013, details will be available closer to the time. Visit Dhofar Automotive showroom for further information about all Jeep models and offers, or call (+968) 2458-4530.