Mitsubishi Announces Winners Of Childrens Competition

Mitsubishi Announces Winners Of Childrens Competition

Organised during Motor Show Oman 2012, Mitsubishi displays winning works at showroom

As a part of Mitsubishi's ongoing initiative to engage with the customers of tomorrow, a painting competition was organised at the Motor Show Oman 2012. General Automotive Company, the exclusive dealers for Mitsubishi in Oman, recently announced the winners of the competition at a two day event, during which all the participant's paintings were put on display at the at the Mitsubishi Showroom in Athaiba.

Announcing the competition winners, Mark Tomlinson - General Manager of Mitsubishi Oman said, "The Motor Show Oman is one of the most significant annual events in the automotive industry in Oman, especially because it gives us an opportunity to meet with Mitsubishi fans - young and old, and talk about what we love most, which is cars!"

He added, "We were delighted by the creativity and quality of the paintings completed by so many talented children and it was near impossible to pick the best ones - but it is my real pleasure to congratulate all the winners."

At the Motor Show Oman and with other initiatives throughout the year, Mitsubishi places special emphasis on the youth and children to shape opinions and inform the new generation about the high-quality automobiles that Mitsubishi is renowned for. In line with the same vision, Mitsubishi organised this themed art competition which were split into three age categories, the winners of each category are:

Group 1: Ages 3 to 5
Oviya Paul
R. Anantha Lakshmi
Soha Khan

Group 2: Ages 6 to 8
Altaf Shamsuddin
Dzati Nuryadin
Mohammed Abdul Muqtadir
Mukti Patel

Group 3: Ages 9 to 10
Al Yaqdan
Ashwin Villayanur Krishnan
Nusair Hameed

This activity was targeted at building a direct relationship with customers of the future, the children of today.

The drawings of all the participants were on display at the Mitsubishi showroom in Athaiba for two days, January 06 to January 07, and the winners received a special gift voucher from Mitsubishi on this unique occasion.