Mitsubishi Oman Launches Exciting New Partnership to Support Drivers in Oman Rally Championship

Mitsubishi Oman Launches Exciting New Partnership to Support Drivers in Oman Rally Championship

Mitsubishi Rally Drivers Gather At Company’s Athaiba Showroom for Official Launch of Mitsubishi Rally Cup and Other Sponsorship Initiatives

Mitsubishi Oman has officially launched the Mitsubishi Rally cup and a range of other sponsorship support to back rally drivers in Oman. The launch came at an event hosted by the company at its Athaiba Showroom for drivers and co-drivers who will be participating in the Oman Rally Championship 2012.

The Mitsubishi Evo has traditionally dominated the Oman rally driving scene and Mitsubishi in Oman has now launched a series of initiatives to boost the drivers participating in this year’s races.  Individual drivers each signed an agreement with the company agreeing to support and promote Mitsubishi during the year in return for a series of prizes and special offers on parts to ensure their hard-working and specialised rally cars stay in the best mechanical condition  during the grueling race season.

Drivers will compete to win the special Mitsubishi Rally Cup at races across the remainder of the year that are set to take place in venues including Sohar, Nizwa, Sur and Muscat.

Mitsubishi Oman General Manager Mark Tomlinson hosted the launch event and signed individual  agreements with the drivers.  He said: “We are delighted to putting our support behind rally driving in Oman - racing that has been traditionally dominated by the enormously powerful Mitsubishi Evo and Lancer EX cars.  The new Rally Cup will create some healthy competition among the Mitsubishi drivers and we are delighted to be backing such an enthusiastic and committed group of drivers and co-drivers.

“Having met the drivers it is clear that they love the power and handling of their Mitsubishi Evo and Lancer EX cars backed with a full raft of safety features to ensure they can push their cars to the limits during the race with absolute confidence in the car they are driving.  Our special offers for the drivers and prizes to provide genuine Mitsubishi parts will also be another important element in our support for the drivers this year.”

The Rally Cup will provide prizes for the leading Mitsubishi Evo drivers  this year that include  an overall trophy, individual race winning certificates and credits towards buying approved parts from the company that are often required because of the highly demanding rally courses and tough driving the cars undergo.

All Mitsubishi rally drivers taking part in the Championship and who signed the recent agreements will also benefit from special deals enabling them to secure additional approved parts from the company at special supported prices.

Mitsubishi Oman also plans to help spread awareness of the Oman Rally Championship among the wider population in the Sultanate through customer events at their Athaibah showroom and through other activities during the year.

Mark Tomlinson added: “Rally driving has a proud tradition here in Oman and the Evo in particular has proved to be a truly world class car for rallying – delivering the power, precision and superb handling that rally drivers need when facing the most challenging of courses and terrain.”

The Mitsubishi Evolution and Mitsubishi Lancer EX have been the most popular cars for rally drivers in Oman since the creation of the Oman Rally Championship.