Mitsubishi Oman Parts Department Rewards Top Performing Branches Across Oman

Mitsubishi Oman Parts Department Rewards Top Performing Branches Across Oman

Network of 24 Parts Branches Keeps Mitsubishi Owners Happy and On the Road

The highly professional and experienced Parts Department of Mitsubishi Oman has rewarded its top performing branches and staff at a seminar held to review sales performance and ways to continue to enhance the excellent performance of the department.

The company has a comprehensive network of 24 parts branches located across the Sultanate designed to keep Mitsubishi owners happy and on the road.

During the seminar the branches identified as the best performing were those from Wadi Kabir, Mabellah, Thumrait, Samail and Al Khadra who were congratulated for their excellent work and consistently high levels of customer service.

Operational excellence among individuals was also recognised and Ms Safiya Al Shaabi received a special award for her significant contribution in ensuring the increased availability of Mitsubishi parts in the Athaibah branch.

During the seminar a special STAR award was presented to the section that had achieved the highest ever sales in the history of the parts department. That honour went to the Parts fleet sales section in the Athaibah branch who broke their previous record and were delighted to be recognised for this excellent achievement.

National Parts Manager Hemant Bhat said: “We are delighted to be able to reward our team of highly experienced and committed parts professionals from all over Oman.  The fact that we have rewarded branches from such a diverse area of the country clearly demonstrates to our customers that wherever they live and whatever branch they are close to they can be assured of a consistently high level of service and customer care.

“Our Parts and Operations staff are totally committed to the very highest standards of excellence which and we are very proud to have this opportunity to reward them and help to encourage them to continue with such excellent work in the future.

“The awards we have presented also encourages colleagues in the other branches to step up their efforts and try to achieve success in the year ahead and be rewarded in 2012.”

Participating staff in the seminar were also recognised by senior management who attended including the Group General Manager for Zubair Automotive, Serdar Toktamis, Mitsubishi Oman General Manager Mark Tomlinson and National Sales Manager Jamal Wasti.

For over 35 years the company has prided itself on the long-term relationships it has built with its ever growing customer base in the Sultanate – with the excellence of its Parts Department and the skills and expertise of its staff playing a vital role to ensure that Mitsubishi vehicles are kept where they belong – on the roads, highways and wadis of Oman.

The key to the success of this vital part of the Mitsubishi operation has been ensuring that it has a professionally managed Parts department that has a highly experienced and totally committed sales staff.

From its headquarters in Muscat, the parts operation ensures it has online connectivity between all the branches in the Sultanate – enabling it to offer real time support and provide daily stock deliveries and replenishment as required.

This ensures that the teams in the different Parts branches are able to help and deliver the best on time and prompt service to customers – ensuring they keep their vehicles where they truly belong – out on the road.

In addition to the four branches in the capital area at Wadi Kabir, Walja, Azaibah and Mabella, the company also has branches in Barka, Musannah, Bidaya, Sohar, Buraimi, Al Khadra, Dibba, Samail, Sinaw, Ibra, Baina  bu Ali, Sur, Nizwa, Karsha, Fahud, Ibri, Nimmer, Marmul, Thumrait and Salalah.

Mr. Bhat added: “We are very proud of the reputation we have established among our branches for the quality of the parts we provide and the service we offer our customers.  For our commercial operators in particular with Mitsubishi FUSO time is money and we work closely with operators to maintain their vehicles and keep them reliable and ready to keep on working and providing the service they were bought for.”