Nothing can beat zubair automotive

Nothing can beat zubair automotive

Says Mohammad Al Balushi and His Family Who Have Owned 15 Zubair Vehicles Since 1973.

Muscat, October, 2011:  When it comes to buying a car for pleasure or business – Mohammad Al Balushi has known only one place to go to buy any vehicle he needs for nearly 40 years and that is the Zubair Automotive Group.

One of the most loyal and dedicated customers the company has ever had, Mohammad and his family have been the proud owners of vehicles from Mitsubishi, Dodge, FUSO, Volkswagen, Audi and most recently Peugeot.  

For someone to keep coming back to the same supplier for so long, a company has to be doing something special and Mohammad’s long time devotion to the Zubair Automotive Group is because of the quality, performance and value of the vehicles, the excellent showroom service he has received, a true commitment to Omanisation and many years of excellent service for all the vehicles he has owned.

His four decade journey with the Group began when he bought a Mitsubishi Galant two door shortly after Zubair brought the brand to the Sultanate for the first time back in 1972.  “Zubair Automotive were offering great prices and the car had a really dynamic performance and as my first car I was delighted with how it performed – even off road as effectively as a 4 x 4 would given we had very few paved roads in Oman at that time.

“I next bought a Mitsubishi Colt that I used for business to take water to foreigners on the ships at Sultan Qaboos Port where they could sometimes stay for as long as a month at a time.”

Mohammad Al Balushi then moved into the construction business and turned again to Zubair Automotive for his needs and bought a Dodge D700 tipper truck that proved to be the perfect vehicle for transporting construction materials such as cement, blocks and steel – at the same time had also bought himself a Dodge two door sports car.
Soon his growing business needed additional support and he turned to a highly capable FUSO truck that he found better than any other to keep the engine cool on long drives to Salalah, a great price and excellent fuel economy.

Having also owned two Mitsubishi Pajeros in his time as well, he is convinced that the Pajero is by far the best off road 4 x 4 vehicle available in Oman in terms of its ability to cope with any kind of rugged off road terrain, a smooth drive and engine power.

He has also owned some of the German vehicles supplied by the Zubair Automotive Group and first bought a VW Passat and was delighted by both the German engineering quality it offered him and a special offer when he bought it that enabled him to win RO 250 – proving that for decades the Zubair Automotive Group has offered the best deals to its customers.
Mohammad has also now started to share his love of all things Zubair Automotive with the rest of his family and first bought an A4 for one of his daughters who loved the car with its powerful drive and excellent technology.

Most recently his affection for Zubair Automotive brands have stayed in Europe but have moved to France with the purchase of a Peugeot 207 for another daughter who loves driving this chic and highly advanced car.  Meanwhile Mohammad has purchased a Peugeot 407 for his own business purposes.

“The Peugeot 407 is both stylish and practical with great fuel economy and is the perfect vehicle for a businessman like me who is regularly on the move and needs to move around a lot.  It is comfortable with great performance and has all the features that I am looking for,” says Mohammad.

Explaining his long-term loyalty to the Zubair Automotive Group, he added: “I have always received better customer service in the Zubair showrooms compared to other distributors and like the fact they have strong Omanisation levels and I can always deal with a fellow Omani when I visit a showroom.

“I have also always enjoyed excellent servicing and quality from Zubair and feel very comfortable with what they have provided me with for so many years and this reinforces the wonderful features that all of the Group’s vehicles have offered me with their blend of quality, good performance, comfort and fuel economy.”

Other vehicles he has owned from the Zubair Group include a Mitsubishi Lancer, a Canter Tipper truck and a Dodge Charger as well.

Senior executives at the Zubair Automotive Group are delighted to have had such a loyal and dedicated customer over so many years and someone who has been able to experience the full range of leading brands that the group has offered over the years.

Bob Seshadri, General Manager of European Motors, the Zubair Automotive Group company who distribute Peugeot, commented: “We were delighted that once again Zubair Automotive was able to provide Mr. Al Balushi and his family with their latest cars.  It is always highly encouraging and rewarding to hear of customers who are so supportive of the customer service and quality of after sales that we offer across the whole of Zubair Automotive.

“We are looking forward to continuing to delight Mr. Al Balushi and his family with Zubair Automotive vehicles for many years to come.”