Peugeot all new 508 is a champion when it comes to combining value pricing with brilliant quality & style

Peugeot all new 508 is a champion when it comes to combining value pricing with brilliant quality & style

Powerful turbocharged 156hp engine offers sublime performance and fuel efficiency

Following strong sales success with the all-new Peugeot 508 saloon car, European Motors have made the entry level variant – the Access – even more attractive as a purchase proposition in Oman.

Bob Seshadri, general manager of European Motors said: “The 508 isn’t just another model in the line-up from Peugeot. It represents a combination of sculptural visual appeal in sheetmetal combined with efficient class-leading powertrain technology in a mid-sized car. Although, it isn’t an easy task to offer value pricing in a quality package, but Peugeot has done it quite admirably with the 508. The 508 is a European prestige luxury car at a Japanese price-point and we are now able to offer our Omani customers the Access variant from RO9950.”  

Style statement inside out

Peugeot launched the 508 during its bi-centenary year which also saw the introduction of new design language in a production model. The design of the 508 is inspired by the dramatic SR1 concept and hence its contours are free-flowing, without break, interruption or embellishment, from the end of the bonnet to the boot. All surfaces are flush-fitting, with clearances between each element precisely determined to obtain optimal build quality and there’s no evidence of ostentatious elements or add-ons such as windscreen wiper jets or aerials.

Striking features at the end of the long aluminium bonnet is the prominently placed new Lion logo placed in a specially created contour. The front grille is rendered in a "floating" style and seems detached from the body and this effect is complemented by the chrome edging. Meanwhile, the piercing expression of the headlamps was also a focal point of stylists. Their interior design is a blend of chromium plated and frosted surfaces. On versions with directional bi-Xenon headlamps, "LED lighting tubes" are visible, each with seven electroluminescent diodes.

The entire rear section is designed in one form, the boot perfectly flush with the bumper. A horizontal chrome bead on the boot enhances the rear aspect, parallel to the chrome trim near the diffuser which visually "seats" the rear of the car. A visual characteristic of Peugeot's heritage is also particularly marked at the rear of both body shapes. Three red clusters mask three rows of 6 LEDs to give the car a unique night-time signature.

Inside the cabin the dashboard catches the eye immediately, helped in particular by a layered centre. The soft-touch surfaces on the dash are beautifully crafted. The cabin ambience is understated and elegant.

Optimised powertrain

The front wheel drive 508 Access is propelled by class leading and efficient powertrain technologies including turbo charging. The high pressure four-cylinder turbo charged 1.6-litre engine offers maximum output of 154bhp and maximum torque 240Nm when mated to six-speed automatic transmission. With this package the car’s 0-100km/h sprint timing is 9.2sec and top speed is 217km/h. These performance figures comfortably outclass several bigger normally-aspirated powertrain setups.