Summer Introductory Offer on Energizer Automotive Batteries

Summer Introductory Offer on Energizer Automotive Batteries

• Sayarti Offers extra warranty on best in class Energizer Automotive Batteries


Sayarti has just launched a wider range of Energizer Automotive Batteries that are suitable for all types of   Passenger Cars, Commercial Vehicles and Trucks & Buses. The technology behind superior performance lies in the specially developed Power Frame Grid, which is unique technology offered by Johnson Controls, one of the largest battery manufacturers in the world. The Power Frame Grids are made to last longer in the extremely hot climates which is an especially important feature for hot weather conditions experienced in Oman. To reassure the customers on the longevity of the batteries, Sayarti is presenting customers a special introductory offer of 18 month warranty on all Energizer Automotive Batteries purchased and installed professionally at any Sayarti outlets.

Highlighting the Energizer launch of a wider range of batteries, Mohammed Balushi, Sayarti Manager, said, “We’ve all experienced battery failures, especially in the hot summer months. It is a real inconvenience when the car won’t start and you’re left in the sweltering heat. Not all car batteries are created equal, and the region offers some of the toughest conditions for car battery performance anywhere in the world. The biggest challenge for battery manufacturer who market their products in the Middle East is to make the battery withstand high ambient temperatures. That’s why we recommend and sell Energizer brand car batteries, which are specifically designed to cope with our harsh temperatures. In this regard, the Energizer range of car batteries offer proven hot weather performance ideal for the hot temperatures we’ll be experiencing in coming months. The warranty for Energizer car batteries underscores our confidence in the superior quality and reliability of every Energizer battery we install.” 

Sayarti is the official distributor of the recently launched Energizer Automotive Batteries, with a product range covering passenger, commercial and truck batteries in the Oman Market. Energizer automotive batteries provide reliable starting power, thanks to its streamlined range of automotive batteries for every application – even in foreign and vintage cars. The entire range for passenger cars includes Energizer, Energizer Plus and Energizer Premium for LSI (Light Start Ignition) batteries as well as the AGM (Absorbent Glass Mat) and EFB (Enhanced Flooded Batteries) for passenger car vehicles with start-stop technology. 

The entire range for truck and commercial vehicles are Energizer Commercial, Energizer Commercial Premium (ECP) and Energizer Commercial Super Heavy Duty (SHD) all of which feature ‘True Strength’ power storage provided by Power Frame stamped grid technology. The ECP batteries are built with state of art technologies which incorporates Acid Reverse Design, Anti-Spill (labyrinth Lid Design), Central Degassing, Integral Flame Arrestors, Single Point Venting, Safety Caps, etc. to ensure trouble free performance while delivering maximum power. 

These Energizer Power Frame Grids are not cast or laid out, but precision-punched and this unique technology sets new standards and strengthens the material, whereas the material used for conventional grids is already weakened during the manufacturing process. The innovative and robust grid structure also reliably prevents premature battery failure caused by corrosion, ensuring efficient electrical flow for consistently high power over the life of the battery. Power Frame grids are impressively eco-friendly. Compared to grids made using conventional manufacturing methods, they require 20% less energy to produce, and a 20% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions. Energizer automotive batteries also have an unusually long shelf-life of up to 18 months.

 “The Energizer brand has already made its name in the automotive sector around the world by offering one of the best quality power solutions for automobiles and we are proud to be offering them to our customers here in Oman. The maintenance-free Energizer automotive batteries are an innovative, tried-and tested GCC specification battery which always boasts top performance, reliability and the assurance of a world-renowned premium brand,” Mohammed Balushi added.

 The Sayarti is the official distributor of Energizer Automotive Batteries. Batteries are available at all retails shops and also at Sayarti outlets in Wadi Kabeer, Athaiba, Qurm City Centre and Muscat Grand Mall. Sayarti service outlets are operated by highly-trained experts in each of their fields and with a friendly and professional approach. For more information visit your nearest Sayarti centre or call 2450 0577 / 2450 0777.