The Mitsubishi Lancer EX a car to suit all tastes

The Mitsubishi Lancer EX a car to suit all tastes

Buying a new car is always a personal choice. But buying new Mitsubishi Lancer EX is much more than that - it is an extension of the personality of the individual driver. Mitsubishi Oman believes that there is a Lancer EX that suits any owner in Oman.

The calm driver is likely to opt for the GLS 2.0 that gives them space and luxury but with a six speaker sound system to block out the noise of the city and help them savour a journey that for an individual like this is far more important than the destination itself.

For those looking for a balance of safety, performance and practicality in equal measure is the GLX 2.0 that features a Reinforced Impact Safety Evolution body for safety, ergonomic design, the choice between a 5-speed manual INVES II or 4-speed automatic MIVEC gearbox, and roomier interior and manual air conditioning with filter to stay cool all year round.

For both the ambitious and the bold driver, there is but one choice – Lancer EX GT 2.0. The ultimate driving machine of the range, it has stunning looks and aggressive styling with aerodynamic lines, a racing inspired paddle shift gear changer to shift into overdrive, a Rockford Fosgate premium sound system and a cockpit full of gadget and features that will ensure every drive is a truly memorable experience.

“Ever since its launch, the new Lancer styling has been universally praised, having been inspired by the Mitsubishi Concept X that was first shown at the Tokyo Motor Show in 2005,” says Mark Tomlinson, General Manager of Mitsubishi Oman.  “Better still, the chassis design of the Lancer is so robust and well-engineered that it serves as the foundation for not only the popular Mitsubishi Outlander crossover utility vehicle but also the multiple-time World Rally Championship (WRC) title holder Lancer Evolution. The very same high-performance turbocharged sports sedan that has a worldwide fan following.”

“Year in and year out, the Mitsubishi Lancer mid-size sports sedan is consistently one of the Japanese auto manufacturer’s best-selling vehicles,” says Jamal Wasti, National Sales Manager of Mitsubishi Oman. “But this should come as no surprise as the good-looking, affordably-priced, fuel-efficient and content-laden Lancer model has long provided consumers with a lot of car for their hard-earned money.”

For Ramadan, General Automotive Company is making the deal even sweeter. All customers who purchase vehicles during the promotional period will benefit from 6-year unlimited mileage warranty, 6-year roadside assistance, free registration and a free gift voucher. Furthermore, anyone who purchases a Lancer EX model will also benefit from a 2year/30,000km service package and free insurance.

“So what are you waiting for?” asks Mesehar Sa’ud. “Head over to your nearest Mitsubishi showroom today and buy the car of your dreams,” he added. Keep yourself updated with the latest news on the offers by visiting Mesehar Sa’ud’s facebook page.