The VW Golf & Young Omanis

The VW Golf & Young Omanis

GTi owning Salim Al-Harthy has been in love with the Golf for nearly a decade and is typical of the young Omanis who want style and world class automotive engineering

Salim Al-Harthy is one of the Omani youths who has been captured by the innovative features of the popular VW Golf. He always feels special when driving around Muscat roads or during long trips with family and friends, enjoying the comfort of this luxurious German model and exploring its powerful capabilities every day.

Salim’s passion for the Golf models started with Golf V5 2002, which was his first car from Volkswagen, and then he purchased the state of the art Golf 2011 top of range model that included a 2.0 turbo charged engine, producing 210 BHP, with 18 inch alloy, leather seats and front and rear sensors.

For him it is simply a winning combination of reliability with power, luxury with quality and safety with innovative technology.

Explaining his deep seated fascination with Volkswagen and the Golf in particular, Salim said: “For me the key factors were the reliability and performance, and it consistently gives me the best handling experience behind the steering wheel. It is a great city car that is perfect for driving to the mall, along the beach road in Qurum and other popular city destinations in a car that provides me with the very best fuel consumption and maximum performance.”

But for Salim his love of Volkswagen goes much further than simply owning the car.  “I am very curious to know more about Volkswagen and I wish that one day I will get the opportunity to visit the Volkswagen factory and have a chance to see the manufacturing assembly line, meet the skilled professionals, and thank them personally for producing such fantastic motoring pieces of art – including my favourite my own Golf GTi,” concluded Salim.

Gadget and technology conscious Salim also loves the many features on the Golf GTi that include the navigation system with a built-in memory , the multi function display, the camera-enabled front and rear sensors and the rain sensor – although the last sensor is one that in sunny Oman fortunately he rarely has to use.
James Oliver General Manager of Volkswagen in Oman said: “The younger Omani generation love cars and they are increasingly brand conscious, and aware of what goes under the bonnet as much as the stylish looks and overall appearance of the vehicle.”

“They are well read and knowledgeable which means they understand just how good Volkswagen engineering is combined with the power, style and panache of great looking and driving cars like the Golf GTi.  We are finding that increasing numbers of young Omanis are following in Salim’s footsteps and not wanting to look any further for a world class car than they can find in the Volkswagen showroom in Oman, concluded James.

For more information about the Volkswagen Golf GTi or other models and to arrange a test drive, please contact your nearest Wattayah Motors showroom or call 24584510 where a team of fully qualified sales consultants will be able to provide more information.