Unbelievable Flying Sharks & Giant Camels Promoting the Unbelievable Prices of the 2012 Mitsubishi Outlander

Unbelievable Flying Sharks & Giant Camels Promoting the Unbelievable Prices of the 2012 Mitsubishi Outlander

Innovative Promotional Campaign Has Created Nationwide Excitement about the 2012 Outlander

The unbelievable prices of the new Mitsubishi Outlander in Oman are being matched by an equally exciting, innovative and unbelievable promotional campaign featuring flying sharks, UFO’s and giant camels among other out of this world imagery.

Proving that the new Mitsubishi Outlander SUV is simply ready for anything that life can throw at people, the promotional campaign has created excitement and interest among customers in showrooms and other locations across Oman.

There are now only a few weeks left for individuals to take advantage of the special promotional prices on offer for the Mitsubishi Outlander 2.4GLX with a package that also includes six years unlimited mileage, six years roadside assistance, 30,000km or two years free service plus free registration.

But what has really caught the eye of customers has been finding model sharks and sting rays hanging from the ceiling of the Mitsubishi showroom in Athaiba and giant visuals accompanying the Outlander at high traffic shopping locations across Muscat.

The eye-catching creative approach reflects the fun and family aspects of the new SUV that can handle sand dunes as easily as school runs and is as comfortable climbing mountains or helping its owner and driver climb the corporate ladder.

Commenting on the use of the sharks and camels, Mitsubishi Oman General Manager Mark Tomlinson said: “We believe that we are offering unbelievable value with the newly priced 2012 Mitsubishi Outlander and wanted to reflect that in the way we promoted the car in a fun, unusual and highly innovative manner.  We have had a tremendous response to the campaign from the motoring public and it has given our showrooms and promotional venues a really eye-catching and totally different impact.

“It has certainly been a talking point for our customers and has helped to bring a dynamic new look and feel to market one of our most popular SUVs that is great for either families or individuals and able to offer comfort, safety and performance on the urban roads of Muscat or in more adventurous off-road areas in the country.”

He added that the promotional period on the Mitsubishi Outlander is due to come to an  end in mid June and he encouraged the motoring public in Oman to take advantage of this great offer while it lasts.

“We have had a lot of fun with this campaign which is a fresh and new look for Mitsubishi in Oman and we are confident that individuals our clients purchasing a new Outlander car  will have just as much fun with this great SUV once they drive away with it  and have the chance to experience everything it has to offer plus the fantastic price should also raise a smile or two.” added Mr. Tomlinson.

To find out more about the offer or organise a test drive call 24 584 500 or visit your local Mitsubishi Oman showroom. The company has showrooms at Athaiba in Muscat, Sohar, Musanna, Nizwa, Ibri, Sinaw, Samail, Barka, Ibra, Sur, Jalan Bu Ali, Salalah, Buraimi and Dibba.