Volkswagen Oman Announces Ramadan Promotion

Volkswagen Oman Announces Ramadan Promotion

Special Packages on Offer Guaranteed to Keep the Car as New For the Next Five Years

When you buy a car from Volkswagen Oman this Ramadan it will give the owner the feeling they are getting a new car every year for the next 5 years thanks to the special promotions on offer during the month of giving.

This Ramadan Volkswagen Oman is celebrating the time of giving by offering every new owner a superb special package that includes a 5-year extended warranty, 5 year or 75,000km free service, 5 years roadside assistance, free insurance for selected model and a special VW gift for every purchase.

Announcing the special Ramadan promotion, Volkswagen Oman General Manager James Oliver said: “We are delighted to launch our special Ramadan offer which we are confident will prove extremely attractive to new and existing customers alike, looking to change or upgrade their car.”

“We have noticed that most of our customers will change their vehicle in less than five years which means the offer we have effectively ensures their car stays as good as new throughout the ownership period – helping to retain its value and make it a much better car to sell on in the future.”

The offer will apply to a wide array of selected models from the VW range of cars – but Mr. Oliver and the sales team operating from showrooms at Athaiba and Wattayah in Muscat plus Nizwa, Sur and Salalah believe that most demand will come for the Jetta, CC, Tiguan, Touareg and Golf models.

“We have also found that our customers who bought their cars last Ramadan have been delighted with the value and quality of their vehicles and have loved the peace of mind and added value offered through the 5-year package.

“It means that we really believe that for our customers buying a new Volkswagen really is the gift that keeps on giving year after year,” added Mr. Oliver.

Volkswagen Oman is also so confident of the quality of their Ramadan offer from last year and the new 2012 offer that they are using endorsements from customers to promote the offer.

National Sales Manager Maher Kader said: “As a company that is built on its reputation as “The People’s Car” we wanted to show just how close we have got to the people of Oman this Ramadan.

“We were delighted to get such a positive response from our customers who were more than happy to get involved with the campaign and put their name, picture and positive endorsement of the cars and our great offers to the public domain.

“Volkswagen Oman would like to thank all of our customers for their support for this campaign and the enthusiasm they continue to show for our world class range of models.”

Sales staffs at the company’s showrooms all over the country are now gearing up for what they are anticipating will be their busiest time of the year.

This year the Ramadan promotional period will commence on 10th July and run until 9th September – allowing customers a full two months to benefit from the great offers from Volkswagen Oman.

To find out more about the offers or to arrange a test drive, visit your local showroom or log on to