Volkswagen in Oman encourages everyone to Think Blue

Volkswagen in Oman encourages everyone to Think Blue

The makers of the “People’s Car” promote environmentally friendly practices in the Sultanate

Muscat, 5th December 2011: Volkswagen Middle East has announced “Think Blue”, the car manufacturer’s environmentally conscious campaign, shortly to be launched in the Middle East. “Think Blue” embodies Volkswagen’s goal of creating environmentally friendly products and solutions, encouraging the public to be more eco-conscious and contribute to a sustainable future. “Think Blue” is a concept that encourages being more responsible on the road, and more environmentally conscious in everyday life.


Discussing “Think Blue” James Oliver, Managing Director Volkswagen Oman commented: “I am pleased to announce that Volkswagen Middle East is introducing the global initiative “Think Blue” to the Middle East and to the Sultanate of Oman. “Think Blue” is about more than economic engines and fuel efficiency, it is about consciously changing small habits in one’s lifestyle that will help for example to save energy, save water and recycle goods – small steps really do lead to great changes.

“Given the commitment of the Government of Oman and other bodies in the Sultanate to the preservation fo the environment – Think Blue fits perfectly within the wider aspirations to develop an increasingly environmentally friendly Oman.

Volkswagen Middle East is committed to making a difference to the environment and as a result already includes more economically friendly engines within its innovative, German engineered cars. The DSG dual clutch gearbox saves 15 percent fuel and the TSI engine turbo is Volkswagen’s small engine that is environmentally efficient but does not compromise on power.

In order to actively follow the “Think Blue” philosophy, Volkswagen Middle East recently participated in the Asia Pacific Natural Gas Vehicle Associates (ANGVA) Green Highway 2011 event held in Dubai. The Green Highway project is dedicated to raising awareness for the importance of fulfilling the vision of making natural gas and energy efficient cars available.

As the “People’s car,” Volkswagen has a number of technologies available including hybrid and electric solutions using Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) , a key propriety within its sustainability strategy.



“Think Blue” is a global Volkswagen campaign that has been embraced by a number of key markets. Volkswagen Sweden for example created “The Fun Theory” which is based on the idea that something as simple as fun is the easiest way to change people’s behaviour for the better. Volkswagen believes that more people will act responsibly, and drive greener, if they have fun along the way. Volkswagen Sweden created interesting and engaging viral videos which promoted recycling and safe driving.

“We’re proud of the success “Think Blue” has achieved in other countries and we look forward to emulating the same success in Oman over the coming years,” concluded Mr, Oliver.

For more information please visit: or Think Blue Sweden: The Fun Theory