Volkswagen offers dedicated restoration service for historic commercial vehicles in Germany

Volkswagen offers dedicated restoration service for historic commercial vehicles in Germany

Modern day successors – the Amarok and Caddy – now available in Oman, pay tribute to legendary camper van of the past

Few vehicles in the world have a cult following which matches that of the ubiquitous Volkswagen camper van. Six decades after its first appearance, it has starred in films and commercials and boasts of an iconic image status more than any other vehicle in its class when it comes to represent freedom, camping, travel or fun.

The VW camper van has often been seen on the roads of Oman – either from local owners or intrepid international adventurers driving through the Sultanate in their home on wheels having driven to the region from Europe and beyond.

Volkswagen Oman General Manager James Oliver says: “Owners of VW camper vans and flat bed trucks around the world have been known to spare no effort in keeping these very special vehicles ship-shape and running. Even in Oman, we are aware that a few of the Volkswagen commercial vehicles which were imported as early as 1980s have survived and some of these vehicles are still with their owners.”

But the good news for owners of these classics is that Volkswagen has created a specialist division in Hanover, Germany to give a new lease of life to these old timers.

The legendary van maker has created its own department dedicated to preserving the van heritage and it’s called Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles Oldtimers. Originally, this set-up was formed in 2007 as a purchase and restoration division for VW vehicles for its own museum collection, but now the restoration service has been extended to owners of old Volkswagen commercial vehicles.

James Oliver adds: “It is a great way to keep the van heritage and spirit alive within the dedicated community by a team of professionals. The modern day successors to the line of these illustrious vehicles of the past are the Amarok pick-up truck that we launched earlier this year in Oman and Caddy vans. In today’s context, these efficient and hardcore utility models are more than a befitting tribute to the past.”

Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles Oldtimers now operates from a new building and has a work area of approximately 7,000sq-m. The set-up accommodates historical treasures and houses a workshop which includes everything from a sheet metal bending bench, lathes and milling machines to a paint shop. The department has a team of mechanics, a technology historian and an event planner.

Owners of VW commercial vehicles who want to have their vehicles restored here, at its place of origin. No matter whether a full or partial restoration is required, or a van is simply to be made roadworthy, the ‘Bulli’ workshop team will undertake any assignment.

The staff will talk through all personal restoration wishes with the customer before preparing an individually tailored offer including documentation. Uniquely, only here does the customer receive certificated works restoration. In addition, for each customer the team of Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles Oldtimers provides comprehensive documentation of the restoration of the vehicle, with every step photographically documented and described in detail.  Thus the work performed by the specialists from Hanover is recorded for posterity.

Some of the replacement parts needed when working on classics are sourced from Volkswagen’s original stock, with support from Volkswagen Classic Parts.