ZAG Provides Interactive Demonstration of Dangers of Texting While Driving

ZAG Provides Interactive Demonstration of Dangers of Texting While Driving

Participates in Traffic Safety Exhibition 2016

In line with the objective of raising awareness on the importance of road safety in the Sultanate, The Zubair Automotive Group (ZAG) recently participated in the Traffic Safety Exhibition 2016; which was held at the Oman International Exhibition Centre from October 18 to 20. As part of its participation, ZAG installed an innovative display with a theme of ‘Don’t Text and Drive’, promoting the real dangers of texting while driving to visiting school children and members of the general public.

The three-day expo, organised by Oman Exhibition in association with Royal Oman Police (ROP), was inaugurated under the auspices of H.E. Mohsen bin Mohammed bin Ali Al Shaikh, Chairman  of the Muscat Municipality. The exhibition saw the participation of over a hundred stakeholders including 27 ministries and government bodies, five ROP divisions, ten NGOs and 59 companies from across the country.

With a focus on the dangers of texting and driving, the Zubair Automotive Group road safety installation was set up to look like a miniature movie theatre. Visitors, including children, were encouraged to wear specially provided glasses, akin to older 3D glasses, and view a specially prepared video of a car travelling on familiar Omani roads. The glasses provided however, were specially prepared to obstruct the users vision with common characters used when texting, in order to simulate the distraction and lack of visual awareness that are the inevitable result of texting while driving. They were then provided with a questionnaire to test their awareness of the road signs, turns, presence of ROP, and more. The exercise really drives home the ‘Don’t Text and Drive’ message and showed them first-hand just how much information they missed and how dangerous it would have been driving in a real world scenario.

Highlighting the Zubair Automotive Group’s participation in the exhibition, Mark Tomlinson, the Zubair Automotive Group General Manager commented, “Learning about the real dangers of texting while driving through first-hand experience is by far the most effective way of promoting road safety. This is why we chose to go with a hands-on interactive approach with our installation. In doing so, our visitors, and especially the students, experience hazards in a safe environment and learn the appropriate actions they need to take to avoid such danger. Through such activities we also help them improve their skills by reminding them of the importance of not using a mobile phone and other such distractions while driving, whilst also obeying traffic rules and showing consideration for other road users.”

Aside from the awareness video, visitors who filled out the questionnaire were also entered into a draw to win one of several bluetooth headsets being given away by ZAG. Giveaways, including car sunshades, incorporating the ‘Don’t Text & Drive’ core campaign message, were also given to attendees who viewed the video and completed the questionnaire. Over the course of the three days, the ZAG ‘Don’t Text and Drive’ installation saw the attendance of over 2,000 people, including over 900 children. Its innovative design and entertaining approach towards raising awareness on the dangers of texting and driving and promoting road safety received a great response from the Royal Oman Police (ROP), media, general public, and even other expo participants.

“Being one of the leading distributors in Oman’s automobile market, we believe it is our responsibility to participate in and support events such as these and do our part in helping promote all aspects of road safety to the communities in which we operate. We have always given priority attention to road safety and related issues and will continue to join hands with the Royal Oman Police and other public and private sector entities to make Oman’s Roads safer,” concluded Mark.

 The event concluded with an award presentation to each of the participants at Traffic Safety Expo 2016, including the Zubair Automotive Group, by the ROP.